Step 1: Registration: As part of our commitment to secure accessibility to participants, and as an expression of economic justice, there are two types of registration offered for the 2nd GMP: one for the Global North (North America and Europe) and another one for the Global South and Asia (including Latin-America, Middle East, Africa, and Asia). The costs for students (both of Global North and South) will be the same as Global South-Asia. The respective costs will be:


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Step 2: Lodging: Mennorode will offer a complete package of food and lodging. There are three options available for accommodations: (1) 2-person accommodation in a twin room; (2) individual room; and (3) individual accommodation in twin room (subject to availability). Based on the option chosen, these will be the costs:

Lodging: together in a Twin Room
Lodging: Individual Room
Lodging: Individual in a Twin Room
Lodging: Individual in a Twin Room

Payment and Completing your registration:

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